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Acting President receives UNESCO delegates


Vilnius, May 24th. Acting President of the Republic of Lithuania Arturas Paulauskas received today the permanent delegates to UNESCO from 18 countries.

UNESCO has included into the World Heritage List the Old Town of Vilnius and the Curonian Spit. For the year 2004, Lithuania has presented the nomination of the Kernave reservation, and for the year 2005 – the National Historical Park of Trakai. The cross crafting tradition of Lithuania has been listed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, just like the joint nomination by Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – the folk songs.

In his welcome speech the Acting President told the UNESCO delegates that their visit “offers a good opportunity to introduce our culture, nature and tourism. During your stay here you will be able to see how diverse and full of surprises can a medium-sized European country be. A country which has something to offer not only to the family of European nations, to which we have just returned, but also to the entire world”.

When presenting the country, the Acting President gave an outline of the major historical events in Lithuania, characterised its identity in terms of culture and heritage as well as introduced Lithuania’s main scientific achievements.

“Our state takes every effort available to preserve the country’s unique nature and cultural heritage and to develop science, education, sports and arts,” the Acting President said when discussing the historical and cultural heritage and its preservation.

Arturas Paulauskas thanked the permanent delegates and their governments for unceasing support to the initiatives and projects presented by Lithuania.

“I hope that after you leave our country you will no longer identify Lithuania as just one more European state of your visit but as a friendly and attractive place that you would like to return to and advise your friends to get there,” the Acting President said when concluding his speech.

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